A new report from the Office of the Inspector General gave a grim outlook on the Obama administration’s handling of Homeland Security. The watchdog stated that  “DHS may not be able to provide sufficient pandemic preparedness supplies to its employees to continue operations during a pandemic”.

This without a doubt means the Department of Homeland security is unprepared to protect its own people if a major infectious disease outbreak such as event of a deadly flu or other pandemic disease attack was to hit the U.S. How is it that they can’t even protect their own?

The report further noted that DHS officials had not done a proper job tracking anti-pandemic drugs and equipment for highly important agencies like the U.S. Secret Service and Customs and Border Patrol.

The report stated that “Without sufficiently determining its needs, the department has no assurance it will have an adequate amount of antiviral [drugs] to maintain critical operations during a pandemic,”

the report further went on reprimanding the harsh effects that will play out for TSA, CBP and the Secret Service due to the negative actions of DHS.

Investigators stated that the largest problem is that nearly all the stockpiles of antiviral drugs are about to expire, and by the end of 2015 85% of whats left will be past it shelf-life. Additionally noted was 84% of their hand sanitizer had already expired by 4 years.

With a looming open threat from the Islamic State to utilize viral and infectious diseases to attack Americans, they better step up and start acting like they know whats going on before it’s too late

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