REPORT: In 2015 Obama Allowed 1282 Potential Jihadist Into America, And Then Lost Them…

From Mad World:  On Tuesday the laughably misnamed Department of Homeland Security released a report on visa entry/exit overstays for fiscal year 2015 that shows 1,282 people from countries designated by the State Department as State Sponsors of Terror overstayed their temporary visa. Of course that’s as much information as we’re going to get, and probably as much as the do-nothing know-nothings have. They’ll let us know if they hear any shooting or chatter that includes an excessive number of “Allahu Akbars.”

The head count (still attached) by nation was 564 Iranians, 278 Sudanese, and 440 Syrians. Never ones to actually do their job in keeping with the law as it is written or to honor their oaths to the Constitution, Jihadi Jeh Johnson and his Marxist minions at DHS are once again drawing upon their trusted power of prosecutorial discretion in order to not enforce the law; to allow those who they are supposed to deport to stay for as long as they choose.

The report issues its own indictment of the anti-Americans, stating, “The goal is to identify, locate, prosecute where applicable, and remove those overstays posing real or potential national security threats to the United States.”

 The ankle-high threshold that DHS has established for themselves for inaction requires that the overstay pose what they determine to be a “real or potential national security threat.” Mere enforcing of the law because it’s being violated is far too mundane of an activity for DHS to engage in and it’s too much work.

The report further details the acumen at work in Homeland “Security,” stating, “This is accomplished through both broad intelligence-driven criteria on subjects that exhibit similar characteristics of known radical organizations and their participants and by activity which focuses ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) investigations on those subjects that are considered to pose a higher risk to national security.”

Maybe it just makes too much sense to forego all the investigative work and kick them out because their visas are expired. Perhaps it’s too counter to the repopulation agenda of the Obama Marxists. It sure would be a lot quicker, cheaper, easier, safer, and much more effective, though. Maybe those aren’t reason enough, how about smarter?

Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies noted that “The Government Accountability Office (GSA) has found that in recent years only 3 percent of the enforcement resources of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were dedicated to addressing overstays, and only a small number (about 8,000) overstays are removed annually, out of a total estimated population of four to 5.5 million overstays in the United States.”

There’s just not that much money left over when you’re devoting most of your time to circumventing the law rather than enforcing it, to infiltrating people into the shadows rather than chasing them from them, to supporting and taking care of their every need rather than taking care to get them back to their point of entry.

That’s the lawless DHS under Secretary Johnson, an arm of the communist party engaged in the fundamental transformation of the composition and the nature of American society.

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