Report: Mayor de Blasio contemplating run against Hillary as ‘more progressive’ alternativ


From BizPac: Just when you thought there couldn’t be a White House seen as more anti-cop and pro-socialism than President Obama’s, along comes New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The mayor of the metropolis has not yet endorsed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy even though he was her campaign manager in her successful bid for the New York Senate. Now, speculation is growing that de Blasio may seek the nomination himself.

The New York Post reported Monday that de Blasio is positioning himself to be a far left “progressive” alternative to Clinton, who is already seen by many on the left as too centrist.

Bill and Hillary (left) with Bill de Blasio (right) at his 2014 inauguration. Photo credit: European Pressphoto Agency via New York Times.

A Democrat Party operative told the Post de Blasio is hoping a “Draft de Blasio’’ movement similar to the “Run Warren Run” campaign to draft progressive favorite Elizabeth Warren, will begin and gain support among the party’s far left base and propel him to defeat Clinton in the primary.

But Warren’s reluctance to run bodes well for the mayor, who is still in his first term.

“With Warren saying she’s not running, de Blasio and his advisers are trying to position the mayor as the ‘draft’ candidate for the left in 2016. That’s why he refused to endorse Hillary last week,’’ the operative told the Post.

The operative believes de Blasio’s recent trip to Iowa, on which he was accompanied by John Del Cecato, the man who created the mayor’s popular campaign commercial featuring his son Dante is proof.

“Why would your ad maker be traveling with you in a non-campaign year? Why was he there with de Blasio in Iowa unless you’re trying for something bigger?’’ the operative said.

Who knows? Perhaps he wants to run so even Hillary can look good by comparison.

—Courtesy of BizPac Review

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