Reporter Asks Kellyanne If Beyoncé Can Visit Trump — Gets PRICELESS Response!

Throughout Obama’s eight years in office he has had a plethora of different celebrities walk in and out of the White House. The Democrat’s have never ceased to use A list Hollywood celebrities to try and boost their causes by gaining more notoriety through their fan bases. Beyonce and Jay-Z are two of the most notable people who have stumped for the Obama’s as well as the Clinton’s.

A TMZ reporter stopped Kellyanne Conway on the street to ask her a few questions about celebrities in the White House once President Elect Donald Trump takes office. Specifically, will there be more, will there be fewer, how do they get access? After all, Conway has been chosen as a close advisor to the President Elect so there is nobody better to answer this question than the woman with the most access to him.

The reporter asked, “Do you think there will be the same quantity and quality of celebrities?” Conway responded with the following,

“I don’t know that we’ve quantified it, but we certainly welcome those who support the president, and who have something to add to the conversation.”

Then she went after the notorious musicians and the rest who blindly supported Hillary Clinton,

“I mean look what happens though when you have celebrities for celebrities sake. That’s what happened to Hillary Clinton late in the game. And it backfired on her. By the way, I don’t remember Beyonce or Jay-Z giving a shout out against Russian hacking or James Comey or Bernie Sanders. Everyone just figured she was going to win, nobody said otherwise.”

Watch her interact with the reporter and answer his questions here,

Conway also refused to give the name of the title she will be having in the Trump administration. But she admitted she does know what her position will be and is in the process of moving to Washington D.C. and house hunting with her family. She did admit she refused an offer to be the Press Secretary.

Whatever her position will be she will play a vital role in the administration. She certainly was an extraordinary advocate for Trump during his campaign. Many attribute her work to getting him to win towards the end.

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