Ivanka Sees What Sick Reporter Snuck In Interview And Has BRUTAL Response To Her Caught On Camera

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner have been hounded relentlessly since agreeing to work for the President as his advisors. They’ve been criticized as underqualified, over privileged and pretty much every other insult that can be hurled at a person without them actually doing anything wrong. 

The liberals worked hard to try and keep the pair from working in the West Wing of the White house. Since President Trump did what he always does, which is whatever he wants, the new and improved plan seems to be to try and turn Ivanka against her father. Surely someone that beautiful and well dressed is also dumb, right? This interview with CBS puts that myth to rest in a big way.

There have been a lot of insults flying around, but the interviewer is likely referring to this SNL skit that went more than a little too far:

While Ivanka is too classy to call out her questioner for this kind of baiting, it’s obvious someone wants to see Ivanka dish on good old dad. Unfortunately for them, she actually does have her own mind, and phrasing a question a dozen different ways, or trying to use trigger words doesn’t work on her. There’s that free thinking popping up to bite the media again.

Leave it to Ivanka to just own it and say that she is complicit. Complicite with everything her father does because he’s doing good things. She hopes she’s a part of it, but knows it’s not all about her.

What he’s doing to the White House? He’s doing the job of a president, not de-flowering it. Clinton already did plenty of deflowering while he was there, Trump is just trying to fix the mistakes that have been made in recent years by democrats.

Everyone might have to back down and realize that President Trump isn’t such a horrible person and that his kids might actually like, and agree with him. Conservatives everywhere apologize for bursting your perfect little view of them as spoiled rich brats, but apparently, they’re pretty well-adjusted adults. I know, heaven forbid that one of the beautiful people agree with conservative policies, but apparently, this one grew up too wealthy to drink kool-aid.

(Source: Subject Politics)

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