Local Atlanta TV Reporter Shames Dishonest Mainstream Media By DEBUNKING “Russian Hacker” Story

Atlanta reporter, Benn Swann, took a very deep dive into the pool of the leftist mainstream media and their sick obsession with blaming Russian hackers for Hillary’s loss of the 2016 Presidential election.

Watch Ben Swann’s Reality Check video that goes into five problems with the CIA and the claims of Russian hackers :

People say Russian helped Donald Trump win the Presidency. Trump’s campaign was a LOT better. He targeted specific states and cities and traveled to them. Then he won those states. What did Hillary do? Not much. She thought she had it in the bag and didn’t have to be competitive. Her campaign was poorly run.

Ben Swann goes into enough reasons for people to stop talking about Russian hackers and start reminding people that Hillary lost because of her poor campaign.

And what about this. What if it wasn’t Russian hackers? Maybe John Podesta typed his email into one of those phishing scams and people didn’t need hackers. Sometimes it’s human error that causes documents to be accessible.

What also bothers me about the DNC leaks, hacks, whatever you want to call it – is that people on the left are more concerned of the privacy that was breached, but don’t seem to care about the terrible information contained in those emails.

Some of those leaked DNC, Podesta, and Hillary emails had some pretty awful content. I would be more mad about what’s going on IN the emails, then the fact that the emails were exposed. Who cares how those emails came out when the things they talk about are the real problem?

Oh, that’s just leftists deflecting the real problems and trying to act like they don’t care. They’re so blindly and daftly supportive of their team that they couldn’t care less if their team was the actual problem with America.

Let’s remind all the sourpuss snowflakes one more time – it wasn’t Russian hackers that caused Hillary to lose.

Hillary lost because of Hillary.

People don’t like her, so that’s why they didn’t vote for her.

Trump had tapes of him talking about grabbing women by the hoo-ha, yet no blurted out RUSSIAN HACKERS or HIDDEN CAMERAS!!

They basically said “oh well, that’s what he said, we’ll deal with it” and they still voted for him because it wasn’t a big deal, a crime, or something that lead to a situation reaching the threshold of a Benghazi situation.

By the way, I’ll remind you again. Hillary lost because people don’t like her and didn’t want to vote for her.

And no, California, just because you’re overpopulated with transgenders and liberals, that doesn’t mean you speak for the entire country.

That’s why the electoral votes exists, so nitwit states with too many stupid people can’t speak over the smaller states with more intelligent residents.

And you’re all blaming Russia? What a bunch of losers.

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