SHOCKING! Look What This Reporter Just STOLE From Trump While No One Was Looking!

Shady lady alert! Watch this reporter, who looks like Doris Truong, snap some cell phone pictures of Rex Tillerson’s paperwork. Tillerson is Donald Trump’s nominee to be the Secretary of State.

This happened when Tillerson was supposed to testify before the Senate. While Tillerson was away from the table, a female Asian reporter reveals a second cell phone and snaps some quick pictures of whatever paperwork was sitting at Tillerson’s table spot.

What could be on those papers that she’s taking pictures of?  Let’s watch the video and see if there’s any other evidence we can gather. Doris Truong has stated that she was not there. This woman in the video must be another average build Asian reporter who looks almost just like Truong.  I’m more interested in the documentation in the pictures than who took the pictures.

Conservative Post reports – This shocking footage that went VIRAL overnight shows a reporter possibly stealing TOP SECRET documents from Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee, Rex Tillerson.The video reportedly shows an unknown woman appearing to take secretly photographs of documents that belong to Trump’s Sec. of State nominee.

This happened right before Tillerson was going to testify before the Senate.Right when the video starts, she checks to see if anyone is looking, then pulls a 2nd phone out of her pocket to take pictures. She takes multiple photos, then casually turns around to talk with the other reporters.BUT SHE WASN’T DONE! About 32 seconds into the video, she takes even MORE pictures as the other reporters are walking away.


This could be top secret paperwork? Why would this reporter take pictures of it, if they couldn’t use it for something?

If it’s just some notes on what Tillerson plans to speak about, then the reporter wouldn’t really care.

If it’s top secret material, then why is Tillerson leaving it out like that? I don’t believe that this is top secret information because people know better than to leave that laying around.

I believe this is a setup. He’s purposely leaving misinformation so the left wing news outlets run another fake news story. Then we catch them and we have all the evidence we need. The video, the fact that the only people running the fake news are the ones who talked to the reporter. The reporter is out on a shopping spree when she gets paid for her “top secret” information.

Wouldn’t that be a genius strategy, to leave some fake “top secret” info laying around and let the left wing news sites run another FAKE NEWS STORY? That would be glorious because then they would get nailed with pressing fake news AND stealing information.

I hope that’s exactly what happened, because if Rex really did leave actual top secret information laying freely and surrounded by reporters, then he made a very big mistake.

But everyone knows that every reporter is out for their next biggest story, and there’s no better way to make the left look like losers by leaving them a trail of fake information to spew to their readers.

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