WATCH: Reporter Goes Into Town Overrun By Muslim Refugees To Prove Trump Wrong, Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

A journalist from Chicago recently went to Sweden and found out that despite the mainstream liberal media reports of it being the safest country on the planet those reports are highly inaccurate.

The video journalist is Tim Pool. He is a very high profile protestor of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He took the bet of Infowars contributor Paul Joseph Watson. Watson bets $2,000 for any journalist to go into the refugee-packed sections of Sweden’s immigrant zone. The purpose was to show that it isn’t as safe as people would like to make it out to be.

Pool explored a no-go zone in the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm. He alongside his coworkers were harassed and accosted by masked men. As a result, they had to be escorted to safety by police. Pool offered up the following statement on refugees in Sweden,

They (the police) said it would be smart if they followed us out. He said, ‘if we make an arrest right now there could be 50 people here in minutes with stones. As we were walking out people started following us. The police escorted us to our car and we left.”

Turns out, Sweden isn’t as safe and great as people want to make it seem. The President made this sentiment clear at a recent rally in Florida. While liberal reporters tried disputing that these videos prove otherwise.

Liberals would rather place themselves and others in danger in order to perpetuate this fake narrative of so-called tolerance and open-mindedness than being honest about what is going on in the world. Whether it stems from white guilt or something else their possibly good intentions have been wildly distorted by their own agenda.

Not being truthful about the reality of the refugee crisis only puts everyone around us in danger.

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