Lying Lib Reporter Who Trashed Trump Just Got WRECKED When He Called On Secret Service For Urgent Help

It’s generally not a good idea to lie about the Secret Service. This liberal reporter just learned that lesson the hard way.

Steve Clemons is the Washington editor-at-large for the liberal magazine “The Atlantic”. He sent out a series of tweets alleging turmoil at the Secret Service… but his entire story was a complete and utter lie. And it didn’t take long for the Secret Service to publicly and repeatedly call him out.

It started on Thursday, when Clemons claimed on Twitter that Secret Service manager-level personnel were fired, and then escorted out of the Old Eisenhower Executive Office Building:

Over the next hour, Clemons continued to send out information over Twitter, claiming that he was getting his information from the Secret Service managers themselves:

The story seemed a little fishy right from the start, so various news outlets, including Breitbart and The Washington Examiner reached out to the Secret Service. And they denied the whole thing. “His story was false,” Secret Service Spokesman Joe Casey told Breitbart Texas on Friday. “It was not Secret Service personnel who were fired or escorted out of the building.”

“He has retracted his false report,” Casey added. The Washington Examiner reported that officials called the report “absolutely false” and coming from “a longtime left-wing think tank writer who now serves as the Washington editor at large of the Atlantic and National Journal.”

Still, Clemons continued to promote his false story, ostensibly not bothering to do any fact-checking because he was in a rush to get it out there before he boarded a plane to Tokyo:

Soon, Clemons began to backtrack.

But that wasn’t good enough for the Secret Service, who got fed up with his falsehoods and decided to publicly call him out.

After that, Clemons finally shut up — but he has yet to retract his story. He tried to get the Secret Service to help him out, by admitting that he made an assumption, but then he just ran with more false information, and the Secret Service smacked him down hard. Maybe next time, he could try contacting them directly before he goes public with his story, and then he won’t look like such a fool.

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