Republicans And Democrats Nearly Throw BLOWS When Texas Rep. Screams ‘Islam Killed Those People!’

I had originally thought the appropriate response would be to give the Democrat crybabies a juice-box and pacifier, but this works too.

As congressional Democrats have their little “sit in” like immature college students, the adults in the room are getting impatient. If these idiots think that behaving like children is going to convince the American public to give up their Second and Fifth Amendment rights, they couldn’t be any more delusional.

The Daily Mail reports:

Democrats and Republicans nearly came to blows on the House floor during an extraordinary sit-in protest for a vote on gun control legislation on Wednesday night that stretched into Thursday morning.

At one point, Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas approached the Democrats jabbing his finger, screaming ‘Radical Islam killed those people!’ – in reference to the recent atrocity at the Pulse gay club in Orlando.

Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida started yelling back at him. The two came within inches of each other, both yelling. Lawmakers from both parties separated the pair.

Rebellious Democrats began an all-day sit-in on the House floor at 11.25 am on Wednesday to demand votes on gun-control bills in the wake of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, which left 49 people dead in Orlando on June 12.

And the response of the crybabies? To merely chant “no bill, no break.”

Great rebuttal.

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