Restaurant Jabs “Black Lives Matter” With HUGE Sign… We Laughed Out Loud! LIBERALS OFFENDED!

The Black Lives Matter movement had an adverse reaction to a display at the Italian restaurant that they were offended by. For a movement all about peace and tolerance they sure aren’t showing it. The restaurant was Pasisano’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The restaurant placed a sign that said “Black Olives Matter, Try Our Tapenade.” Clearly a tongue and cheek play on words. They also posted a picture of the sign on social media. The hate continued to role in. Social media followers called the marquee offensive, tacky, hideous and in very bad taste.

They got an enormous amount of phone calls complaining about it. The owner said,

“We thought it was a cute play on words to promote our special Ahi tuna tonight. I think if that offends some people, a statement about black olives, that somebody needs to reevaluate their politically correct meter.”

Black Lives Matters take race baiting to an all new level and seem to have a very thin skin. Regardless, the restaurant posted to Facebook that they have been inundated with support and that people have been ordering extra olives, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

Camellia told KOB,

“I think it shows an interesting state of affairs of where our country is that people, first of all, can be offended by a statement about a vegetable. Black olives matter, and it does matter in our tapenade.”

As the saying goes, when you admit to being offended you are simply admitting to your inability to control your own emotions. This statement couldn’t be more true in the case of the Black Lives Matter movement. All liberals are so busy being offended they simply can’t function. Guess what, in the real world you move on. Even a child knows when someone hurts your feelings you walk away and move on. But then again this is the mentality of the left.

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