Fed Up Restaurant Owner Puts Up Sign That INFURIATES Muslims Everywhere


You know America has gone wrong when we’re letting transgender men with a penis waltz into the women’s bathroom, black protesters turn things into a riot, and now you can’t even express anger, at your own business, with a violent, child marrying, religion like Islam without people getting mad at you.


Back when I was younger no one cared about your feelings. People got things DONE. People WORKED hard. People bashed and roasted each other in good humor and we had strong families, good work ethics, and we loved throwing back a cold beer during football games and cracking stereotype jokes because those are literally the best kinds of jokes to laugh at.

But not now. Rich millionaire athletes can’t celebrate a touchdown. Women have to pee next to a man who can’t figure out his f*cking gender from a hole in the wall. People are labeled as racist if they make any comment whatsoever about race, even when the stereotypical jokes are funny BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE. And now, in America, you can’t even put up your own sign on your own business without the snowflake idiots of America crying about how offensive it is.

Well screw those people. We found another hero among wimps and his name is Dan Ruedinger.

He’s awesome because he’s not afraid to express his distaste for a creepy religion. He doesn’t want Muslims in his family restaurant. You know why, because the religion of Islam sucks. There’s too many terrorists, woman beaters, and child marrying sickos in that religion and it’s time to put a foot down.

Dan put up a sign on his restaurant that seriously infuriated Muslims all across the planet. I bet there was at least 20 goats humiliated from the backside on the day Dan’s sign saying “MUSLIMS GET OUT” was first seen by an Islamic person. Oh well. Go bang your goats and marry the first graders while thinking about the 72 male virgins waiting to take your rear virginity when you detonate a clock bomb somewhere.


Wonder what it said? Let’s zoom in a little bit!



Madworld Media – Dan Ruedinger, owner of Treats Family Restaurant, was sickened when he heard about the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey. Instead of ignoring what had happened like so many people are, Dan decided to take a bold stand by placing a sign in front of his restaurant with three bold words – “Muslims Get Out.”

If I saw a family of people with their faces covered walking into a restaurant, then I’d ask them to remove the garments. I don’t know if they’re going to bomb something or order pancakes and if I made it out alive, then I’d want to identify them if I could.

And since I think Dan’s sign is funny, and his right to express his distaste for a religion that’s responsible for so many sick things, then I bet that makes me a stereotypical racist Islamaphobe.


Next time you hear about a terrorist attack, remember, Dan’s sign was right.

And is THIS the kind of people you want in your restaurant?

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