After Returning From Vacationing Obama Does House Cleaning and Purges American Flags!

The American flag is the symbol of everything awesome and nothing liberal or democrat. It’s what we admire as the great country of the United States of America. It reminds us to thank the people who fought for our ability to be everything we are today.

And just about everyone loves the American flag except terrorists, guys named Obama, and those idiot protesters you see burning the flag. The same loser yuppies who accidentally light themselves on fire and unfortunately people help extinguish the flames.

Many Americans have wondered if Obama loves or hates this country. I say THIS country because I heard it through the rumor mill that HIS country might actually be Kenya. I’m not researcher though, you can check that on your own.

If you were wondering the same thing, then wonder no more. It seems like Mr. Obama isn’t thrilled with the symbol of freedom with our American Flag. Itty bitty Barry wants to throw a little temper tantrum and redecorate in Muslim colors.

Well that doesn’t look like America to me.

And if Obama keeps removing or replacing American flags, then will the White House look like this by November? Will a thousand Muslim migrant refugees move in and have illegal gang rape parties? Will we see goats mowing the lawn or in the bedroom? Or maybe in the same spot Lewinsky got spilled on? Actually, I heard that’s all over the White House, but I’m no researcher. I just get random bits of info from the Internet. You can look it up yourself to prove or disprove things.

I’m not into all that.I’d rather sit back with a slice of greasy American pizza, throw my feet up on an ottoman, and watch the comments spill into next century with all the people who are annoyed at this picture of Obama’s new White House.

obamas white house no flag

The Political Insider – Obama wants to strip America of our values and traditions. Now, he’s taken aim at the flags that traditionally hang behind Presidents during press conferences. And he has altered the decor of the White House since moving in 7 years ago.

Inside the Oval Office, instead of the usual red, white, and blue color scheme… the drapes, wallpaper, and furniture are Middle Eastern!

It’s now very noticeable that when Obama walks down the hallway to speak with the press or is filmed speaking to them, there is NO flag. Instead there is a bright yellow drape (above). Obama does everything possible to separate himself from the American identity.

Here’s the new look. It’s fairly ugly. I don’t think Martha Stewart would appreciate this hideous tone in her old jail cell.

What is this ugly gold color called? Shimmery Rodent Urine? Yuck.

Put the flag back or get out.

where is the flag


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