REVEALING: Socialist group verbally assaults, tries to eject conservative blogger


At Portland State University in Oregon the International Socialist Organization attempted to kick out a conservative blogger who was legally videotaping the very public event.  Following the initial altercation, the communist students proceeded to verbally assault the blogger, then they called the campus police on the blogger to have him removed from the public event.

The officer told the socialist students that it was a public event, and that they “don’t allow right-wing bloggers to videotape our events.” Rather than allow the blogger to film, the communists shut down the entire event and began chanting “harassment isn’t free speech.” Among the group members heard telling McCleary to eject Sandini was Grant Booth, a PSU professor who taught a Marxism class at the university.

The irony to this entire event was discovered  when I researched their side of the story, which was found as Socialist Worker.  Journalist Chris Beck who writes for the Socialist Worker nailed it when he described what the blogger does “Sandini [the conservative blogger] is well known in Portland for targeting progressive and radical activists” Well at least they know they are radicals.

The socilalist then turned it into a race and sexist issue and bashed the University.   “This decision to support a white, male right winger over the interests of the students in attendance at a university event–many of whom were female and people of color–stands out as an example of Portland State’s unwillingness to provide a safe space.”

This is the type of upbringing our president had, and you can see how these people are nothing more than bigots

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