RICH & FAMOUS: Obama, Wife Fly To L.A. On Same Day — Different Planes


(Truth Revolt) President Obama and his wife Michelle both flew to Los Angeles on Thursday. But not on the same plane.

The president was in L.A. to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The first lady was there to tape an Ellen Degeneres show. The Ellen show tapes at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank; the Kimmel show at a studio located at 6840 Hollywood Blvd. Distance between the two: 4.2 miles.

With controversy swirling around his administration — the Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to grow and the Secret Service now has another new debacle — the Obamas took a play day. Ellen tweeted a selfie with Michelle at about the same time that Obama was filming himself reading “mean tweets” with Kimmel.

After the Kimmel show, President Obama attended a DNC fundraiser before leaving for a separate trip to Phoenix, AZ, aboard Air Force One. The First Lady flew back to Washington D.C. separately.

Obama flew on Air Force One, which costs $228,000 per hour of flight time. When asked by reporters on Air Force One if why the pair traveled separately, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said, “I believe on this occasion the schedules were not in sync in order to travel together.”

Obama’s flight to and back cost at least $2 million. And thats just air fare. Hundreds of support people were also involved, helicopters, dozens of motocade vehicvles, the work. And the same for Michelle, who is known to enjoy the life of luxury. When she takes private vacations, she often takes along a planeful of family and friends.

And taxpayers paid for both trips, even though Michelle’s was unofficial and purely for fun.

—Courtesy of Truth Revolt

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