Rich NY Liberals officially approve the ‘poor door’

Rich NY Liberals want affordable housing, as long as they don't have to share same entrance

The poor door depiction by angry citizens

The poor will use a separate door in NYC!

New York City Liberals have just approved a recent proposal by the city’s largest real estate developers to build ‘poor doors’ which would give low income residents their own entrance.

According to the  New York Post, NYC officials approved the application that was submitted by Extell, the most highly regarded developer in the state of New York, to allow these separate ‘segregated’ doors into the luxury high-rise.

Due to the National Affordable Housing Act a certain percentage of new development must be for low income residents.  This itself is not an issue, its the fact that liberal politicians who constantly complain about income inequality are the ones who will be the first to show the less-wealthy the back alley, and that’s no joke.

The proposal from extell allows them to re-route the affordable housing residents to an entrance that is located in a back alley behind the building, leaving the more-wealthy residents to use the front entrance. Tell me this, is this what president Obama is always talking about with income inequality?

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is always the first to speak up about income equality, hear him on NPR here 

So next time you hear a liberal politician from the state of New York try to use this card, please remind them of this clear discriminatory act they have committed in NYC by authorizing ‘poor doors’

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