Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Was Just Given a Job In The Trump Administration Liberals Instantly MELTDOWN!

Who could forget former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s famous gaffe during the 2012 Republican primary, when he had a brain fart while listing the three agencies of government he would eliminate. “Energy, commerce” he began….. before forgetting the third.

Well, whatever the third was we’ll ever know, but what we do know is that Perry will be heading one of those departments he said he’d eliminate – and that’ll be great for the American taxpayer. As CNN reported:

President-elect Donald Trump has selected former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be his nominee for energy secretary, multiple transition sources told CNN Tuesday, which would make him head of an agency he once sought to eliminate.

Perry, twice an aspirant for the White House and for decades a swaggering figure in the Texas Republican Party, returns to the national limelight after his career in politics withered amid scandal and embarrassment.
If confirmed by the Senate, Perry will inherit a department that has focused on promoting clean energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, but has also seen domestic production of oil explode. And his selection is a nod to the traditional GOP emphasis on energy sources like coal and oil.

And as you can imagine, liberals are FREAKING out. They’re complaining that Trump keeps appointing people to head agencies that they despise, and to that I say, what’s the problem there?

Here are some of the liberal freakouts on Twitter:


Additionally, Perry is on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline that liberals have been whining about for the past couple of months.

If for no other reason, Perry will make a great choice for energy secretary because we’ll get to see liberals freakout for the next eight years to every decision he makes.

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