From Mad World News: A 350-pound British woman survives on food stamps for herself and two children, but blames the benefits for her morbid obesity by saying taxpayers should provide her enough cash for healthy foods.

Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England, complained that her food choices are limited to fattening junk food — lots of it — because healthier food options are too expensive for her limited government funds, according to The Daily Mail report.

Sure she could exercise to counter the hefty caloric consumption, but she has a financial excuse for that too — gyms cost money.

In an interview with Closer Magazine, Briggs passed off responsibility on the weighty issue saying, “It’s not my fault — healthy food is too expensive.”

Briggs told the magazine she has already tried swimming, but it cost her about $36 a month, which meant cutting back on her favorite foods, like pizza and Chinese takeout. “I need more benefits to eat healthily and exercise,” she added.

But Briggs has come up with an idea for dependents to lose weight which of course is a cash incentive, as if being overweight and unhappy about it isn’t enough. “It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight. I’d like to get £1 [$1.62] for every pound I lose, or healthy food vouchers,” Closer Magazine reported.1411582768772_wps_83_Picture_shows_Christina_B

Briggs is currently unemployed and receives over $32,000 in welfare benefits a year from the government while living in public housing with her two children by different fathers, according to the Daily Mail report.

Food for thought: This is a predictable response from the mindset created by government dependency. How can anyone expect someone who doesn’t work for food or a living to work for anything else? One quick and effective weight loss option would be to cancel Briggs’ benefits, then she wouldn’t be able to eat at all and the pounds would quickly come off. Hitting the pavement looking for a job would be a great — free — exercise option, also

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