The Ridiculous Reason School Official Demanded Student Take Off His ShirtEvery school has a dress code that students are all required to abide by, which is meant to deter students from wearing inappropriate items like pornographic images, obscenities, or anything that provides any negative messages within the facility. One student, Colton Heberling of Cudahy High School in Wisconsin, recently discovered that there are certain loop holes within the school dress code policy that would be used to ban his sweat shirt.

Colton is the son of a gunsmith, who is lucky enough to receive many different shirts from firearm manufacturers for free. The sweatshirt in question pictures two large revolvers pointed downward with the words “Respect” and “Smith & Wesson.” For 2nd Amendment supporting Americans, this shirt would be considered a “normal” shirt. There isn’t anything derogatory or obscene that would limit us from wearing it anywhere publicly.

As this was obviously not the first time Colton wore a shirt of this nature, he was surprised when the school administrator, Phil Martell, confronted him, insisting that the shirt was inappropriate as it had to do “with drugs, porn and alcohol” and told him to remove the sweatshirt or turn it inside out.

In that instance, he did what most teenagers would do, he called his dad.

Once his father, Tiger, arrived at the school, he immediately met with Principal Christpher Haeger to discuss the problem with his son’s “inappropriate” t-shirt.

Unfortunately for him, the conversation did not go well.

According to EAG News, Haeger insisted that:

Cudahy’s dress code does not permit hoods, midriffs, spaghetti straps, halter tops, jackets, low-riding pants, pajamas and clothing with obscene, profane, pornographic images, or things representing a clear and present danger of illegal behavior, or disparaging, or demeaning messages and so forth. There is nothing about pictures of guns themselves in the dress code.

There is an addendum, however. The code says that it ‘is subject to administrative discretion.’

Even after several attempts from the father to reason with the school, the principal still referred to the sweatshirt as a “weapon.” Regardless of what reasonable arguments Tiger provided, principal Haeger ended the argument with a curt, “We’re done here.”

The father, knowing he had lost the battle, still stuck to his beliefs and supported his son by bringing him home for the day, ultimately giving his son a half day suspension on his school record.

Instances like this are happening across the nation. Do you think school officials have the right to infringe upon students’ freedom of speech, or should students comply with the dress code rules set for them by their superiors?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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