Right After Announcing Pregnancy, Trump’s Son And Daughter-in-Law Got Horrible News

Right After Announcing Pregnancy, Trump's Son And Daughter-in-Law Got Horrible News

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump and his wife, Lara announced the exciting news this morning that they are expecting their first child together — a son. The First Family who is very child-oriented couldn’t have been more elated, only for that happiness of the occasions to be squelched by horrible news for the couple hours later.

Eric and Lara made the announcement from their vacation in spot in Aspen, Colorado today and received congratulations from the entire country. No sooner had the happy news been released, something else came out.

No relative, old or young, is off limits to liberals when it comes to spewing their hate toward our president. However, the slander just reached a new low this afternoon when leftists didn’t just go after a child, but the unborn. Although it should come as no surprise that they would hate on a “fetus” who they don’t consider human yet, based on their opinions of abortion, what they are saying is grossly unacceptable.

The Daily Caller reports that seconds after the announcement was released to the public, Twitter was ablaze with messages for the parents-to-be, not all of which were sweet.

The hate was hostile enough when the couple announced it, but when President Trump chimed in with his congratulations, the depraved remarks took a turn for the worst with a really immature twist.

There was far more leftist rhetoric where this came from on Twitter but the point is these people have zero respect for human life and themselves to say such things. It’s absolutely disgusting the depths they will go to take down our president and his family, yet call conservatives “deplorable.”

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