I am imagining Taylor Swift coming to the white house when Bush was president and saying the best part of the visit is that “Bush is white”.

 I am sure that would have gone over well.

From Red Alert Politics:

In his continuing attempt to “Run This Town,” President Obama invited pop star Rihanna to the White House.

The singer was a guest at Obama’s home Monday to receive a West Wing tour and meet with Obama administration aides, as reports The Hill.

According to a White House official, Rihanna spoke to the Obama aides about “a few issues that are critical to our agenda for expanding opportunity, including the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.”

Though Obama’s initiative may have been the reason for her visit, it evidently was not the most exciting part for the pop singer.

Video obtained by TMZ shows a photographer asking Rihanna to name “the best part about visiting the White House.”

“My president being black,” she responded.

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