Angry Little RINO McCain Tells Trump To ‘Blow Off,’ Trump Responds With PERFECT Knock Out Punch!

That old angry RINO man, Mr. McCain himself, tweeted something not so nice towards PRESIDENT TRUMP. McCain has been majorly butthurt since Trump won the election and the angry fella can’t find any sunshine to brighten up his day.

This anger comes from McCain as a result of President Trump signing executive orders that McCain does not agree with. This order revolves around torture, which may or may not be a good thing.


Trump’s response to McCain’s Tweet? A Tweet of his own that knocked Johnboy on his ass.

Trump made one mistake by pushing this issue, though. He’s telling the world what he’s doing. The smart way around this is to torture people without making it known. Catch a spy? Torture them until they talk. If they don’t talk, then shoot them and act like nothing ever happened.

This is the government. They torture use with silly taxes all the time, so what’s the problem with torturing spies, terrorists, etc if it leads to prevention of something worse?

Of course, you can go out in the public and tell everyone this because some people don’t agree with it. They just don’t get it is more like it.

If you need to smack someone around to get answers about a terror plot, kidnapping, drug deal – whatever. That’s how you get answers out of some people and it should be perfectly fine.

When they say “I’m only going to ask you once” then the criminal, spy, terror suspect, whatever should listen the first time.

Other countries clearly torture their captured, so we may as well step up the game. If we make the torture so unbearable, then maybe it prevents future crooks, spies, terror plots, etc.

I’m in favor of torturing on the down low, but not making a big public deal out of it.

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