Annoying Rioters Won’t Be Blocking Southern Roads Anymore After The BAD News They Just Got!

Finally, a politician has had enough of the dangerous protesters blocking traffic! This is great news folks!! State Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough has introduced a bill that would relieve drivers from civil liability if they run over a protester who is illegally blocking traffic.

Do you protesters hear that?

If blocking traffic is illegal, then you cannot do it. If you’re blocking traffic and accidentally hit by a car, then you’re responsible for the damages suffered and anything else that occurs as a result.

A judge may say “you wouldn’t have been hit by a car if you weren’t standing in the middle of the highway” – and that’s been our point all along. That judge would be correct. Watch.

WSMV Channel 4

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – State Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, wants to stop protesters taking to the streets of Tennessee.

He has filed a bill that says if a driver hits a protester who is blocking traffic in a public right-of-way, then that driver would be immune to civil liability if the demonstrator is hit and hurt, as long as it wasn’t intentional.

“If you want to protest, fine, I am for peaceful protesting, not lawless rioters,” Hill said. “We don’t want anyone to be hurt, but people should not knowingly put themselves in harm’s way when you’ve got moms and dads trying to get their kids to school.”

When protesters took to the sidewalks on West End in Nashville following the executive order calling for a travel ban, they say they made a decision to be peaceful and stay on the sidewalk as people drove by.

But things took a turn when safety volunteers say they were hit by a car that rolled through a crosswalk from West End onto Murphy Road.

“These people were legally in a crosswalk at the time that they had the permission to go,” said Julie Franklin, who says she witnessed the incident.

Annoying Rioters Won't Be Blocking Southern Roads Anymore After The BAD News They Just Got!

People have places to go. Work, school, shopping for cool things like “trash doves”, pick up their kids, etc.

Protesters have a right to protest too. However, it must be done OUT OF THE WAY. This is not your right to disrupt the day of people who are not your problem.

If a democrat group is protesting, and they block traffic, then don’t they realize that some of the people in cars are democrats too? The protesters are causing problems for their own people. Don’t they think about that?

What happens when you’re driving and can’t get somewhere or there’s traffic for no reason? You get road rage. Protesters cause road rage. Do you think someone with road rage is going to listen to your protest? Do you think someone who can’t pick up their kids on time from after school programs, who gets charged $20 late fees, cares about your message? How about an ambulance with an older woman who had a heart attack? Why should someone in an ambulance suffer because a protester wants to throw a temper tantrum like a child?

If the bill in Tennessee is put in place, then I hope it travels all across the country. Every politician, democrat or republican, should ban blocking traffic.

NO ONE should have the right to stand in the street and cause chaos without facing consequences.

Here’s what happened when some protesters got ran over. It didn’t work out too well for them. Not only were they ran over, but no one cared what they were protesting about.

No one cares about what protesters say because the protesters are too annoying to listen to. I don’t listen to people who gather in crowds, scream and cause chaos. No one listens to that. Protesters are like adult babies. No one wants to hear adults cry.

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