Riots ERUPT When Hoards Of Illegals See BRUTAL Surprise Trump Just Dropped In Arizona!

A Phoenix mother named Garcia de Rayos faces deportation under Donald Trump’s executive order! She’s an illegal immigrant who has a felony for working under another person’s social security number. That’s a crime that might be considered stolen identity and criminal impersonation.

Garcia de Rayos was guilty of the felony under Obama’s regime, but she was only required to do regular check-ins with immigration.

She was arrested at her latest check-in and authorities will determine what to do next. Her arrest was met with protests from the Spanish-speaking community who reminded her that she’s not alone.

KJZZ reports – Federal authorities arrested a Mesa woman Wednesday during a regular check-in at the Phoenix office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Guadalupe García de Rayos faces deportation because an executive order by President Donald Trump broadens immigration enforcement, according to her attorney, Ray Ybarra Maldonado.

Garcia de Rayos has a felony conviction for working under someone else’s Social Security number. She also has kids who are U.S. citizens. The Obama administration put Garcia under supervision and required she do periodic check-ins with ICE.

Garcia de Rayos knew her status could change under Trump. Her supporters chanted in Spanish, “she is not alone,” as she walked into the ICE office with Ybarra Maldonado.

About an hour later, Ybarra Maldonado came out alone. He told Garcia’s family that she’d been arrested and now faces deportation.

“We’re living in an era of a war on immigrants,” Ybarra Maldonado said. “This is President Trump’s first move and it’s now time for our community to organize and fight back.”

This is where you take each immigration deportation case by case. Look at what her felony is. She was breaking the law so she can WORK! That’s actually rather admirable. Look in the ghettos and trailer parks and tell me how many people are breaking the law to get a job? None! Most of them don’t work. They break the law so they can be lazy.

In Garcia de Rayos’s case, I would look at the rest of her life and determine if she can stay or go. If her kids are doing well in school, she’s paying taxes, and she has a clean record other than her felony for working – then I would fast track her to citizenship and let her stay.

If she broke the law to PAY TAXES and WORK, then she’s more American than all those bums living on welfare their whole life.

For every immigrant who works and stays here, we should deport two degenerate piece of shit welfare queens. The bums abusing the system are a bigger strain on the tax payer than some Spanish lady who WORKS for a living.

If she was a criminal and milking the welfare system, then I’d kick her out. I say take this case by case and keep the good people. America would benefit from more of those.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to get rid of the American bums milking us hardworking taxpayers.

I’ll take ten hardworking Mexican immigrants over a non-working welfare queen any day of the week.

I’m all about keeping the good people and letting the bad ones rot themselves away.

If you’re a piece of sh*t, then I don’t care if you’re an American.

I’m tired of my taxes buying you things.

I know who’s going over the wall first!

It’s these kids and the welfare girl! Just kidding, I think the kids are actually kinda funny. I would keep them as long as they made more viral videos and had straight A’s on their report cards. One B and they’re OUT.

The welfare girl? She can GTFO NOW! She’s a lazy piece of crap and MY TAXES PAY FOR HER TATTOOS! How do you spend that much money on tattoos and you don’t work? Or did your lesbian prison friend do them? I’d like to know, because people like her with these big hoop earrings don’t need our welfare money. They’re clearly abusing it.


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