Riots About To ERUPT After Judge Make Final Ruling On Alton Sterling Case – Look What’s Happening In Louisiana Now!

All hell is about to break loose in Louisiana. Brace yourselves, folks. There might be some craziness happening when residents find out that the officers involved in the Alton Sterling shooting will not be charged with a crime.

Unfortunately, this could mean a destroyed city all because of a criminal and his poor choice of actions. Potentially poor parenting leading to a child growing up to be a criminal.

The Department of Justice will announce that the officers will not face charges for shooting Alton Sterling who was armed with a gun. If Sterling had gotten his fingers on the trigger, then we might have buried an officer of the law. Not that his life would be worth more than Alton Sterling, but one was contributing to society while the other was contributing to the need for a police force. All lives matter, which is why people should start following the laws and not ever put themselves in the face of a police officers pistol.

The worst part about this is that people believe that destroying property and rioting is a way to solve problems. The people who riot and destroy are worse than the cops and criminals who brought us to this situation in the first place. You cannot heal a nation by burning it down. You must take what we’ve learned about this situation involving Alton Sterling and learn one thing – stop breaking the law. It’s common sense 101 and that’s what this always comes down to. People put themselves in horrible situations when they break the law and encounter police. If you’re armed with a gun and you’re non-compliant, then you’re probably getting shot. Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or what. If you’re armed and fighting with the police, then that’s how you get shot.

Hopefully, the people in Louisiana don’t destroy their entire state over this criminal vs cops incident. It’s not worth it to do further damage. It won’t bring back Alton Sterling. It won’t change the Department of Justice’s mind. It won’t change or affect anything.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Department of Justice is set to announce that there will be no charges brought against the officers in the justified shooting of armed would-be cop killer, Alton Sterling, according to Washington Post.

The officer fighting for Sterling’s right arm yelled, “He’s got a gun! Gun!”

 The other officer told Sterling, “Hey bro, if you fucking move, I swear to God,” while the officer held a gun to Sterling’s chest.

Then the officer on Sterling’s right yelled, “Lake, he’s going for the gun!” Gunshots were heard and the shooting video panned away as more shots went off.

Witness, store owner, and self-professed friend of Alton Sterling said that officers then pulled a gun from Sterling’s right pocket.

 Alton Sterling’s intent was clear when he fought with officers and tried to grab his gun. He was trying to kill the officers, not pull out his wallet.

Sterling was not legally able to possess a firearm because he was convicted of being a child molester in 2000. That hasn’t stopped him for carrying a firearm though, as he has a history of carrying guns and fighting with the police, as well as battering women. In all, his criminal history is almost 50 pages long.

When your criminal history is longer than every paper combined that I’ve written in college, with big fonts and 2.5 spacing – then I don’t know what to tell you. This is not an admirable human being we’re talking about. This is a career criminal who may have ended up this way no matter what. Horrible to say, but what else is there to accomplish in a long line of criminal offenses? The ultimate bank heist? Crazy car chase? Shot by police?

My thoughts go out to those in Louisiana, from everyone to those who stick up for police to those who’ve lost a friend in Alton Sterling. Sure, he was a criminal, but he was still a human to some people.

We can’t burn down our own cities because we feel differently about something. We must take everything we witness in life and learn from it.

We must obey our laws and have a civil life that allows us all to be productive in one way or another. Just think, if everyone followed the law, then we wouldn’t really need police, right?

Here’s the shooting of Alton Sterling (Warning: Graphic).

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