Road Rage Biker Takes Eyes Of Road And Harasses Driver, Karma Instantly Knock Him OUT! OMG! VIDEO!

Their is nothing like the feeling of watching karma as it plays itself out right before your eyes. Watch the video of a motorcyclist who exposed his road rage get the karma he so richly deserved.

On Tuesday a video clip from a cellphone was posted to YouTube. The video showed the occupant of a vehicle, presumably the driver from the position being recorded, taking a video of a motorcycle driver with a bad attitude.

The motorcyclist was trailing the vehicle and then began to suddenly speed up for no reason and pulled alongside the car to scold the driver. It appears the people in the car were having some type of road disagreement with the motorcyclist prior to the filming.

The motorcyclist who appears to be a man pulled his motorcycle right up next to the side window and told the car driver to, “watch yourself boy!”

Perhaps he should have headed his own advice because seconds later he runs into a yellow pole in the road and takes quite an end-over-end tumble which caused the car’s occupants to laugh. One can hear the curse words from other occupants at the end.

The date and time of the video being taken is unknown. But it is highly unlikely it took place in the United States because of which side the drivers side is on. It’s opposite to the way Americans drive, on the right hand side.

This video just goes to show. Don’t worry about other people on the road and don’t take your eyes of it, either. You might end up dead, or seriously injured. While the condition of the motorcyclist is unknown, it surely doesn’t look like he was doing too well. Take a look here at what not to do while driving a vehicle.



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