Brutal Instant Karma For Two Road Rage Thugs Who Take On MMA Fighter

Sometimes stupidity knows no bounds. Which is why road rage videos are never that shocking at all. One that was released on the Internet shows a man get out of his car while trying to turn a corner and attacking another man.

The man gets out of his parked car and goes to the passenger side window of the car behind him and starts cursing at him and banging on his window. He proceeds to open his trunk and get a bat. With the bat, he begins to bang on the front hood of the man’s car. When all of a sudden a man gets out of the car.

When a raving loony begins wielding a bat most people would lock themselves in and then call the police. But this guy ran out of his car to attack the bat-wielding lunatic who then viciously tried hitting him until he knocked him out cold.

When another thug goes to attack the man, he is eventually subdued by the man’s mixed martial arts skills, and he is knocked to the ground as well. Then he proceeds to get back in his car and tries to drive away with the two lunatics passed out on the ground.

Meanwhile, there are two people in a third car behind all of this while it was going down. They were narrating the events and worried, and they tried calling the cops and getting the license plate numbers before the mixed martial artist drove away. But the film cut just as they were trying to get the license number.

People like this should not be allowed to drive or have a drivers license. Nobody in their right mind wields a bat and hits a car. Most ordinary people walk away or drive away and call the cops. It just goes to show that these thugs attacked someone they had no clue was capable of defending himself, and as a result, they got what they deserved.

Perhaps they will learn now not to pick violent fights with random strangers. People always seem to have to learn the hard way. Hopefully, nobody will have to defend themselves like this ever again.

Watch the video below,

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