Rob Lowe Tweets Viral Message After Paris Terror Attack… Obama Needs to Hear It


In the wake of the tragic Islamic terror attack on French publication Charlie Hebdo that claimed the lives of 10 journalists and two police officers, the world has responded with mixed emotion.

The attackers chose Charlie Hebdo and specifically their editor, Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, for their history of posting anti-Islam cartoons and not giving in to threats to take them down, despite making Al Qaeda’s hit list for “enemies of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.”

A rising number of celebrities from many disciplines have spoken out against the attacks via social media, including Rob Lowe, who posted the following tweets in response to the worst terror attack France has experienced in some time. (H/T BizPacReview)

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The tweet referenced our current state of complacency with regard to Islamic terror, which is a fundamental threat to the West.

Unfortunately, Obama’s embarrassingly soft stance on Islamic terror isn’t going to get us to where we need to be. The first step in confronting these types of attacks, which we probably haven’t seen the last of, is actually having the fortitude to call them Islamic terror attacks.

Rob Lowe, a rare libertarian-minded conservative in Hollywood, has specialized in humiliating Obama and has called him out publicly, multiple times, for his vast list of failures as president.

Though Lowe is part of a very limited group of Hollywood elites who have conservative values, such as Chuck Norris and Jon Voight, it’s important for people with that kind of influence to speak out against Obama and his failed policies, especially on the subject of radical Islamic terrorism and Shariah law.

There’s also guys like Tim Kennedy, a former Army Ranger and current UFC fighter who tweeted his honest thoughts on the cowardly terrorists.

The intimidation of the West by the Islamic State and other terror organizations needs to end.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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