OMG! Rob Schneider With LEGENDARY Tweet: “I Haven’t Seen The Democrats This Mad Since…

Leave it to a comedian to bring levity to the political dialogue going on in our country right now. This time it is Saturday Night Live comedian Rob Schneider who is good friends with Republican buddy Adam Sandler who cracked the best joke of all.

Democrats conveniently forget that it was Republicans who gave women the right to vote and freed the salves. While it was Democrats who were vehemently in favor of slavery as well as prohibiting women from voting. Which is why it is the ultimate height of hypocrisy when they stand up their on their high moral pedestal looking down at Republicans calling them intolerant, un-accepting xenophobes.

A talk show host once said that conservatives do not have monopoly on family values and patriotism. That is absolutely true. That is something that we can all claim to be if we want to. But it goes both ways. Liberals do not have a monopoly on being open minded, accepting and tolerant. Yet they certainly think they do considering the way they depict conservatives as pretty much the anti Christ.

Of course the liberals are not going to like this joke in the least bit. But who really cares. Hopefully President Elect Donald Trump does so well that all the haters want to vote for him for re-election and that he will have changed their mind by then. If he is able to fulfill all the obligations that he promised he would then that is certainly a possibility.

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