Robber Pulls Gun On Three Students Late At Night, Instantly Realizes Why It Was A Huge Mistake

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Police in Norfolk, Va., say an armed man proved no match for three individuals he apparently hoped to rob this past weekend. WTVR reported someone called 911 early Saturday morning to advise authorities of a man with a gun walking the streets. The man, later identified as 21-year-old Kentrail H. May, reportedly attempted to rob three passersby.

“Upon arrival,” authorities confirmed, “it was discovered that three men were walking in the area, when a suspect approached and brandished a handgun. The suspect then demanded their property and belongings.”

Despite having the arguable advantage, May soon learned his firearm would not be enough to intimidate his would-be victims.

“The men attempted to fight back and were able to detain the suspect until police were called,” a police source explained. “Upon police arrival, the suspect was immediately taken into custody and the handgun secured without further incident.”

Everyone involved received some injuries in the altercation, with May requiring medical treatment at a local hospital.

May was subsequently arrested and faces three counts each of attempted robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He is also being charged with one count of malicious wounding.

Many Facebook commenters shared their belief that May received exactly what he deserved, with some suggesting he should be thankful he escaped with his life.

“I hope this is the same kid that robbed my son and gunpoint a few years ago,” one user wrote. “Good for the victims!”

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