Robert Kennedy Jr Praises Trump “He Could Be the Greatest President in History”

Back in September, Politico featured an article from a former speechwriter of Robert F. Kennedy. His big announcement?

That despite being a former speechwriter for a former Democrat, he would be voting for Donald Trump.

That’s hardly the only time the name of a Kennedy has come up this election in comparison to Trump. Recently, Bill Gates was quoted as saying that Trump could be the next John F. Kennedy.

And the latest Kennedy’s name in the news? Robert Kennedy Jr – who is praising The Donald!

As TruthFeed reported: Now we have Robert Kennedy Jr praising Trump saying, “He could be the greatest president in history if he wanted to.”

Watch below:

Who saw that one coming? He’s criticized Trump a number of times in the past, so it certainly came as a surprise. Back in August he was describing Trump as “dangerous and deceptive,” so I wonder what changed his mind.

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