ROCKY IS GOING TO WASHINGTON! Sylvester Stallone Was Just Given This Position In The TRUMP Admin!

President Elect Trump is known for having a colorful group of loyal supporters. Some of whom include celebrities and well known members of the entertainment industry. Such as Omarosa who was just appointed to his transition team. Now it looks like Rocky, the man known as Sylvester Stallone might very well have a position in the Trump administration.

The Daily Mail has reported that Donald Trump has approached Sylvester Stallone to work for him in a top arts related position in his White House administration. The Rocky star reportedly loves Trump and has always been a fan of his.

The rumor is that he will accept an offer for the position of Chairman of the National Endowment of the arts. Which is a federal agency that gives out money to different artists to encourage artists to give back to the community.


If he were appointed it would have to be approved by Congress. But I am pretty sure that every red blooded American who want the well known boxer to be heading the Art Endowment agency.

Liberals and Democrat’s have not commented on this yet. But it is not like the have any room to talk even if they did have something negative to say. They are the worst offenders when it comes to schmoozing Hollywood’s A list celebrities for endorsements and money. Whether it is Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Aziz Anzari, Beyonce or Jay Z. Democrat’s have no shame in doing anything to gain their endorsement and money.

Thus, if they complained about anything in reference to Stallone’s appointment it would likely fall on deaf ears. It would be laughable. It will be incredibly exciting to see who else Trump appoints to the various openings he has available under his administration.

Only time will tell us what he chooses to do.

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