Rosie O’Donnell Drops Shocking Announcement About Wanting To Become A Man

Rosie O’Donnell was among the many Hollywood celebrities who threatened to leave America if Donald Trump was elected president that we all prayed was serious about it. Unfortunately, she’s still in America.

As you all remember from the first Republican presidential debate, Trump attacked Rosie after being asked about his past negative comments of women (saying that they’ve only been directed at her). It’s hardly the first time he’s dissed her – as he’s been doing for over a decade.

And of course, Rosie is outraged that Trump is president. She even previously tweeted out support of martial law to prevent Trump from taking office until a particular non-existent lawsuit was settled. If you take a look at her Twitter timeline, she manages to call for the man’s impeachment once every few tweets.

Now, she’s decided she’s going to go another route in trying to gain relevancy once again by attempting to satirize the Trump administration. As GOP The Daily Dose reported:

On the heels of actress Melissa McCarthy’s caustic portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on “Saturday Night Live,” comedian Rosie O’Donnell says she’s available to play President Donald Trump’s controversial adviser Steve Bannon.

On her Twitter feed Monday night, O’Donnell responded to suggestions that she play Bannon by saying “available — if called I will serve.”

McCarthy lampooned Spicer last weekend in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch where she taunted reporters as “losers,” fired a water gun at the press corps and used the lectern to ram a Wall Street Journal journalist.

Well, that will be hilarious for the tens of people that find Rosie O’Donnell funny or entertaining.

Think the SNL is going to be down with this? I saw why not: the show hasn’t been funny for at least the past two decades, so in the words of Hillary Clinton, what difference, at this point, does it make?

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