Rosie O’Donnell Responds To Backlash Over Profanity-Laced Video Slamming Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son Barron

The feud between Rosie O’Donnell and President Elect Donald Trump is infamous and it spans over a decade. Both have traded nasty barbs over the years while Trump taking shots at her appearance. She even made it into one of the primary debates when Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his comments on O’Donnell. Now, the feud has reawakened and O’Donnell has made headlines again for going after Trump.

The actress and comedian found herself in hot water when she retweeted a video that insinuated that the President Elect’s ten year old son, Barron Trump, could potentially have beginning signs of autism. The video referenced Barron’s behavior on the night of Trump’s victory. Trump’s supporters when absolutely crazy.

Many feel that she should have left his kids out of their fight while others thought she was being genuine. Now she is taking to the internet to provide a response to why she said what she did. She said,

“When I saw the anti-bullying video that mentioned Barron, it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have. What we see and why. It was educational and informational.”

Later she said she could not tell the actual difference between whether he was just fidgety and tired or if he had autism. She insisted that despite making comments without a degree about someones medical condition she was responding simply as a mom.

Furthermore, she insisted she tweeted from the heart to bring attention to the autism epidemic. Moreover, she maintained she harbors no ill will and would never try and harm any of Trump’s children.

Clearly O’Donnell took a chance to make a shot at Trump after all the nasty things he has said about her. But this time she took it too far over the line by dragging his adolescent minor child into the argument.

Kids had never been involved in their public fights before and they should never be again. Trump has not commented on her statements and likely will not. He has better and more important things to worry about. Like being the President of the United States.

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