Why won’t Rosie O’Donnell just go away?

The people behind the riveting hour of television known as “The View” rehired the toxic, obnoxious liberal earlier this year.

But it’s doubtful she’ll make it to another season — it’s that bad.

From her hardcore “blame Bush for 9/11″ conspiracy theories to calling black men an “endangered species” due to the actions of white cops, O’Donnell would be better off working as a production assistant on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC gig.

She recently butted heads with The View’s in-house conservative and former White House employee, Nicole Wallace.

Wallace was working in the White House on Sept. 11, 2001 when radical Islamic terrorists attacked and took down the World Trade Center in New York City.

She emphasized that the CIA had much to do with preventing further attacks, which were likely planned for that day or not long after.

Wallace defended the CIA in response to O’Donnell pouncing on recent headlines based on leaks of the “torture report,” claiming the intelligence agency used torture on terrorists to gain intelligence about future attacks (H/T BizPacReview).

Wallace told the audience, “the last three days I’ve been asked about this a lot in this job and in my other job at MSNBC and I have never had more people call me and thank me for defending the men and women of the CIA who were simply doing their jobs.”

O’Donnell replied with, “And I’ve never had so many people call me to say thank you for saying the other point,” in which she referenced her staunch opposition to water-boarding and other techniques that were in use at the time by the CIA.

It’s almost as if O’Donnell would rather grant known terrorists amnesty than use them to prevent more Americans from dying in terrorist attacks in the future.

Wallace wrapped up her minute of free speech by saying, “So both sides of the debate I think are being adequately represented here. But to the men and women who were simply doing their jobs, and for them this was traumatic.

“And I don’t think anyone is defending brutal tactics. That’s why they don’t happen anymore,” she added.

“But I have never been more proud to defend the people who walk the line for this country and this city and the city in which I worked, the city where my mom and dad lived,” she concluded.

Of course, O’Donnell couldn’t let that one go, and made an astonishingly stupid reply with, “Well, I’m sorry you feel the ends justifies the means. But I don’t think Machiavellian techniques is really the foundation of democracy in America.”

What if the “ends” mean saving American lives? Even one American life is worth the means, as far as most decent people are concerned.

With ratings of “The View” dropping rapidly, her days spewing her liberal vomit are numbered, thankfully.

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