YES! Rosie O’Donnell Confirms She’s Moving From America And NEVER COMING BACK, You’ll LOVE WHY!?


Going, going, GONE!

America hits a homerun the moment Rosie O’Donnell leaves the country. We can’t wait for her to REXIT. She offers nothing to this country and I’m pretty sure her own kid hates her too. Didn’t her child run away and later break the silence about how her adoptive mother is a nut-bag?

There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no crying in voting for a President. Pack up, pig, you’ve been traded! We’re giving you away to any country who wants you. We don’t need anything in return and there’s also a no refund policy. Whatever unfortunate country takes this mentally unstable wench into their domain better keep her forever.

Donald Trump called her a fat pig and he was right. Rosie IS a fat pig and she’s annoying. I am 100% on board with her leaving. I don’t care where she goes. Maybe she ends up on a European farm grazing with lesbian cows.


US Herald – The list includes liberals like Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer and the inexplicably popular Lena Dunham who make their livings ridiculing and insulting anyone who disagrees with them – calling them “racist,” “sexist,” and “bigots.”

Rosie O’Donnell, who famously engaged in a long-running, insult-hurling feud with Trump, also promised to leave if he became the president, possibly moving many to vote for him.

But among them are those who, frankly, could turn in their official citizen relinquishment papers on January 21, 2017 without doing any damage to America.

In fact, the country might well be better off if Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee and Miley Cyrus relocated.

And it’s hard to see how the loss of “big names” like Natasha Lyonne, Amber Rose and Omari Hardwick would impact life in the United States on any level.

Many Americans might not even realize that oldsters like Cher and Barbra Streisand hadn’t already “moved on” – that’s how little relevance their threats or promises are to life in America.

The list of celebrities ready to leave America is fine. No one really cares. When you say you’re leaving the country because someone you don’t like was elected as the new President, then that says YOU’RE a weak minded person who cannot thrive in the face of any possible adversary. It’s YOUR way or no way.

That’s not how America works. We have different opinions and we often look for ways to compromise.

Donald Trump was a democrat for a very long time and he’s the new POTUS as a Republican. That means he has experience on both sides of the playing field. That’s actually a very good thing because he knows how people on both sides think, feel, and perhaps it works out really well in terms of American compromise.

People need to grow up, shut up, and be great.


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