Rosie O’Donnell Completely Freaks Out Over Trump Victory, Awesome!

Poor Rosie O’Donnell, so many people are supporting her move to Canada and yet she doesn’t seem like she’s packed anything. As a matter of fact looking at her twitter feed I imagine that Rosie is at home in her pajamas eating junk food nearly lifeless from her dismay that Trump is President (elect).

I’m guessing that Trump doesn’t even remember his feud with Rosie or even remember who she is. But Rosie can do nothing but think about Trump today. Looking at her twitter feed you can see that she’s absolutely obsessing over Trump. She’s re-tweeting every tweet from people reminding her about her promise to move to Canada. Some are hilarious, others embarrassing and others are even downright insulting. WHY is she RT them? I have no idea… is she doing it to give herself the courage to finally once and for all leave the country she disdains so much?

To Rosie, a Donald Trump President means more than just a President she disagrees with… it means the ‘end of humanity’. No, it’s NOT the end of the world but it is definitely the end of her world. A world where elite TV personalities get to insult the little people like me and our intelligence by calling us ‘deplorables’ and such. The end of her self importance and pioty over regular hard-working Americans. Before she would be invited to the White House or have lunch with Hillary and would be told her opinion was important and mattered. Now she has elevated herself all the way to Canada.

Some of her tweets show that she is so distraught that she can only handle typing 3 letters to express her emotion:

Her most recent tweet is about a horrific event in Nazi Germany called ‘Kristal Nacht’. While the tweet may seem random it goes right in line of her strange believe that Trump will do terrible things. No, Rosie, Trump isn’t going to go knocking on people’s doors and ship them off to camps or kill them in their sleep. BUT if it helps give you the courage to move to Canada any faster you keep on believing that.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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