SICK! Rosie O’Donnell Attacks Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son, Gets Brutal Response!

Her inevitable self-hatred has sunk her to ominous new lows as she thought bullying young Baron Trump about possible Autism was a good idea.

Even if you have a terrible, long standing, hate for another person – you leave their kids out of it. Once you attack their children, then you’re just pathetic. Especially a kid who just puts on a suit and walks around with his parents. If he was out selling crack or buying automatic weapons from the Russians, then sure – we might have a few words for the boy.

But he does nothing wrong.

Yet Rosie still attacks him.

She verbally attacked a ten year old. Does that tell you what kind of person she is?

People have emailed or messaged me and said I was offensive and mean to her, but rightfully so. Rosie is a POS. She always was. Some people just aren’t that good, and if left the country & never came back, I don’t think anyone would really care.

If you asked me – would I rather encounter a bloodthirsty terrorist, or Rosie O’Donnell, then I’d have a really hard time answering that. I wouldn’t know who to pick.

Terrorists commit a crime and kill people, but hearing Rosie speak is like terrorism to my entire body. Hearing anything she says is like two planes flying into my ears. She’s a terrible person.

Here’s her brainless, child bashing tweet, which she tried to defend and play off like she gives a rat’s tail about autism.


And here’s a few of the brutal responses aimed at her.


I know people with autism and they’re very awesome, college graduates, and perfectly fine. I’m not insulted or offended by what she said – I just hate her.

Her kid probably hates her too.

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