RUBIO: Can’t Have A Conversation On Immigration Until People Know Future Illegal Immigration Can Be Controlled (VIDEO)


This is the most accurate statement anyone has said yet. How can we even talk about any immigration issues if we haven’t started to solve the problem. 

We cant afford to have amnesty every 10 years. We have a major hole that needs to be fixed. We are sinking, and until this  hole is plugged we cant discuss any immigration plan. 

Now FIX the damn border! 

SEAN HANNITY: Let me ask you about immigration, you went forward with your immigration proposal and at the end of the day you said it didn’t work, I tried and it is not going to work. Last time i interviewed you on radio about it you said you regretted going forward but you learned from the process of making a mistake.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Well it wasn’t very popular, I don’t know if you know that from some of the folks here, but it is a serious problem. It has to be confronted, this is why it is serious.

Number one, we don’t have the mechanisms in place to enforce our immigration laws, we don’t have an e-verify system, 40 percent of illegal immigrants come legally and overstay visa, we don’t know who they are. We have to put that in place…

It needs fencing, patrols, it needs more — that stuff has to get done. We also have a legal immigration system that is the most generous in the world — a million people per year come to this country annually, not other country comes close to that, but it is all based on whether or not you have a family member, it can not continue to be based on family alone — but merit or some kind of economic contribution.


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