RUN OVER BY TRUMP TRAIN: Mark Cuban Backpedals After Realizing Trump Won The Election

Remember the days when liberals claimed that Republicans were the party of “millionaires and billionaires.”

Just about the opposite was true this time around. The one percent picked their candidate – and it was Hillary Clinton. She took in nearly fifty million dollars from Wall Street – while Trump took in under $20,000. When else has there been a gap even remotely close to that?

In the end, Hillary Clinton ended up spending over twice as much money as Donald Trump on her campaign – and she still lost. Money in politics doesn’t have the influence that most liberals think it does. Money doesn’t make a crooked candidate appealing all of a sudden.

The list of billionaires backing Hillary includes a number of names you’d recognize. George Soros (duh), Warren Buffet, and even Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban. While Cuban spent this entire campaign attacking Trump, he was humble once it was clear Hillary had been decimated.

As Yes Im Right reported:

Cuban has slammed Trump’s business record.

Yet as we got closer to calling it for Trump, he changed his tone.

Good for him for not throwing a hissyfit like those in the media.

It’s Trump’s America now, and liberals are going to have to deal with it. We survived eight years of Barack Obama’s disastrous Presidency, and they’ll survive eight years of Trump (and yes – I do predict it’ll be eight years).

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