Samuel L. Jackson Said He’s Moving His “Black Ass to South Africa”, And You’ll LOVE WHY!

Samuel L. Jackson has joined the Trump Train! Well, the Trump train that will be sending many whining Hollywood crazies to their destination of choice once he becomes President that is.

There has been a slew of Hollywood “A-listers” as they like to call themselves, that have announced their departure from America if Trump wins the Presidential election.

Ironically, as they state their exit plans as a threat to our quality of life, most of us are shouting inside… LET ME HELP YOU PACK! Or even more so, ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’

Some of these ‘stars’ are Trump’s BFF, Rosie O’Donnell, Miley Cyrus, and not so funny comedian, Amy Schumer.

As they talk about leaving America, I bet you, my bottom dollar there is plenty of people who understand how great this country is that don’t live here, and would gladly take their place… all the while thinking these Hollywood stars are total ungrateful, self-serving, whining morons.

Now, we have Samuel L. Jackson, pulling his ‘tantrum’ number on us. In fact he not only announced that he would leave, he also told us where he would be moving to.

South Africa.

Yes, you read that right. Because…it’s so much safer there right?

Here, see for yourself.

Rather funny isn’t it? We have the people who live the high life stating they will leave America if Trump becomes President. I say leave, because they are part of the problem, so bye-bye.

However, we all know they aren’t going anywhere. They know through and through they aren’t going to find a better country to live in then here in America. The very country that allowed them the opportunity to do what they do now…

They aren’t going to find that anywhere else.

So don’t get your hopes up too high.

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