Samuel L. Jackson P*SSED When Asked If His Bags Are Packed Over TRUMP Win On LIVE TV

Samuel L. Jackson just got triggered by a random journalist who asked Jackson if he’s packing up and shipping out! Actor Samuel L. Jackson reneged on his trip and doubled down by saying he was only portraying an angry guy in a Jimmy Kimmel skit.

We know there’s sometimes truth hidden in humor, so how much of his anger towards Donald Trump’s victory is true? How much was just part of the skit?

As it remains, Samuel L. Jackson is not leaving America over the Donald Trump victory.

Here’s the video of Samuel L. Jackson being asked a question and him going into the answer with quite an annoyed tone of voice.

Here’s the video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show and Jackson’s hateful eightball.

Here’s a round of liberal and democrat meltdowns

I don’t care who goes or stays in America. I don’t care what any of the celebrities do for any reason whatsoever. All I care about is who makes good movies so I can have something to do in my downtime. Samuel L. Jackson could live in Tasmania and I would have no clue. It has no direct implication on my life and none of us should care.

If someone is so angry that they’ll leave the greatest country in the world because they’re unhappy with the results of the Presidential election of 2016, then who cares? Not me!

Here’s my favorite Samuel L. Jackson moment from the hilariously bad movie, Snakes on a Plane.

Now that we’re all in a good mood and don’t care what Samuel L Jackson does, here’s a little video of liberals having mental break downs.

Next time a celebrity says they’re leaving, make sure you don’t care. Let’s stop giving these liberal celebrities the attention they’re seeking when they complain about everything.

Liberals are really good at producing salty tears.

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