VICTORY!! Watch What Just Happened As One Of The Biggest Sanctuary Cities Just Folded!

People thought that the President’s policies would not be successful but they were wrong. There is already evidence to show for that. It appears that the most populated sanctuary city of all will end its sanctuary policy for fear the President will withhold funding from them.

It is none other than in the state of Florida. The Miami Herald reported that the Miami-Dade County commissioners are backing the decision of Mayor Carlos Gimenez to work with federal authorities in detaining criminal aliens.

The vote was 9-3 and it came after hours of testimony from residents of the predominantly immigrant based community. Miami-Dade county is known from their large Cuban population. A little under 200 people gave testimony that supported the mayor and the White House.

The Mayor is a Republican and clarified they were simply returning to the old policy of honoring detention requests. They do not want the extra jail time for illegals since Trump will cut off federal funding if they don’t comply.

Despite saying they were never a sanctuary city, they have been for years. For the past three years in South Florida county, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency refused to detain the aliens due to the cost. With a $355 million budget on the line, he did not want to take the chance of that money being taken away. So he ordered his jails to comply with federal immigration detention requests.

Weeks upon weeks of protests took place as a result. People in the crowd yelled shame on you. One protestor Rafael Velasquez from Miami Beach said,

We’re all immigrants. We’re all in this together. Never forget your roots. Never forget where you came from. Because this is what holds us together as one nation.”

Finally, people are complying with the President’s policies. If more people followed this Mayor’s example there would be far fewer problems.

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