If Sanctuary Cities In California Don’t Comply Trump May Pull Federal Funding Bankrupting The State!

If your city is one of the 300+ sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegal immigrants, then you know your mayor supports rapists, drug dealers, and other violent criminals.

You also know your mayor has placed the rights of the aforementioned heinous criminals over every good, hardworking, non-criminal, non-illegal immigrant in your city.

A sanctuary city is a city where they don’t report the illegal immigrant criminals for deportation unless they are convicted of a specific felony. That means the criminal illegal immigrants get to stay in your city and commit more crime instead of going to their real home.

And of course it’s mostly, if not all, democrat mayors who think illegal alien criminals having rights is more important than keeping the non-criminal residents safe from crime. You know, because democrats are typically idiots as mayors and their cities are mostly poor.

Donald Trump doesn’t like that and neither should you.

No one should want their city in sanctuary status unless you’re the criminal illegal immigrant.

Donald Trump has threatened to pull funding for cities who remain in sanctuary status, which could potentially bankrupt a city. To me, that’s perfectly fine. The mayors have a choice between funding and safety of their citizens or worrying about the feelings of a criminal who broke the law to get in our country.


Breitbart – Although Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warned President-elect Trump that defunding Sanctuary Cities would cause “social, economic and security problems,” Sanctuary California could face bankruptcy if the Trump administration follows through on threats to pull billions in federal funding.

There are 300 “Sanctuary Cities” and counties around the United States that have policies in place blocking local law enforcement from complying with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer requests for immigration holds.


I live in a sanctuary city and the dolt democrat Mayor Jim Kenney is responsible for making Philadelphia a hideout for illegal immigrant criminals. Mayor Nutter turned the sanctuary status off, but when Mayor Kenney was elected – he turned it back on? Why, is he friends with a few illegal immigrant criminals? Also, when he turned Philly back to sanctuary status, that allowed a girl to be a victim of a terrible crime and the creep wasn’t deported!

If illegal immigrants are in the country and being productive nice people, then that’s cool. I could care less. There’s plenty of legal citizens who are much worse, like those ladies who live in the ghetto and trailer parks and have eight kids they can’t take care of. I’d rather my taxes supported a hard working illegal alien than those welfare queen hoodrats who haven’t ever worked a day in their life. I’d rather deport those losers.

Here’s a quote from Philly.com that tells more info about what can happen after a crime is committed by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.

This is about a man named Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, or maybe Juan Ramon Vasquez, as he used several different names to avoid deportation. He was arrested for a crime, not deported, and committed another crime. Yup…that’s how it goes in a sanctuary city.

Philly.com – ICE wanted to deport Aguirre-Ochoa/Vasquez in 2015 after charges of domestic aggravated assault were dismissed, according to police.

But they couldn’t because Philadelphia is a Sanctuary City that does not cooperate with the feds, violating the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. The foreign felon, who does not belong here, was released into the wind, free to do whatever he wanted.

The executive order is carefully crafted to protect the guilty.

That’s what it did for Jose Palermos, 43, who in March 2013 was convicted of indecent assault on a 7-year-old girl. That got the sex offender on the Megan’s Law list, but it wasn’t enough to get the city to honor ICE’s detainer request. His was “only” a third-degree felony – a “minor” crime. Unless you were the minor.

Kenney’s executive order opens by saying “immigrants make significant contributions” to the city. Yes, but we are talking about illegal immigrants who break our laws.


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