BREAKING! Sanctuary City Mayor Was Just Accused Of Multiple Felonies!

In a perfect example of cosmic karma hitting you smack damn in the face.  Ed Murray, the first openly Gay Mayor of Seattle, who brands himself as a “Champion for the little guy,” has been slapped by three lawsuits accusing him of having sexual relations with three different men when they were young boys back in the 80s.

What is probably the worst allegation and a clear abuse of his power as a human being, if you can call this scumbag that.  One of the men filed a child sex abuse lawsuit against the mayor this past Thursday. The lawsuit alleges that Murray “repeatedly criminally raped and molested” him multiples times when he was a homeless 15-year-old in the 1980s. The second accuser stated he Murray sexually abused the crack-cocaine addicted teen on numerous occasions for payments of $10 to $20. Not much is know about the third accuser but we can be sure it’s also a sordid story.

What makes all this even more interesting to watch unfold is the fact Murray has been an extreme progressive mayor elected to his position in 2014. He had previously served in the Washington state legislature for 18 years, where he led a long campaign to legalize same-sex marriage and transgender issues. As mayor, he pushed through a measure to raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is now being blamed for most small businesses closing or just packing up and moving outside city lines.

Of course in typical liberal Democrat politician fashion Mayor Murray, who is now 61, called his accusers “troubled” in a press conference he had last Friday. He then proceeded to deflect blame by stating these three accusations of being politically motivated.  Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton in the 90s why won’t it work for him now?

Wonder if this is what he always meant when he called himself a “Champion for the little guy?”
Vast Right Wing Conspiracy maybe?

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