LOOK What Sasha Obama Was Found Doing While She Was Skipping Her Father’s Farewell Speech – LEAKED PHOTOS

Sasha Obama

How much does a lavish beach vacation in beautiful Miami cost? Too much if you’re the one paying for it and NOT GOING!

That’s how much we all paid for Obama’s daughter, Sasha, to go on a taxpayer-funded trip to Miami.

Here’s the kicker, she was partying it up in the sunshine state and skipped her father’s last speech as President.


How nice of her. I suppose she’s just like Daddy, always thinking of himself and knows how to waste American taxpayer money.

Here’s her leaked photos in a skimpy bikini.

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I wonder if the Miami vacation, courtesy of our tax dollars, will become a celebrity buzz scandal like the pot smoking fiasco with the other daughter, Malia. She was seen in photos at a fraternity party, at University of Pennsylvania (my hometown, hell yeah), and there was a massive bong on the table.

Not that I have any problem with a giant bong at a college party, but maybe Malia should stay out of those pictures if possible. It’s a public relations thing. When you’re the President, then you can’t have your kids getting stoned in pictures. We know what college parties are all about, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the President’s daughter should be a little more careful.

The couple’s daughter, Malia, was photographed Sept. 4 at a University of Pennsylvania frat house with a giant bong on the table in front of her.

She can be seen wearing the same “Smoking Kills” tee she wore to the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia that weekend — a clear reference to her smoking pot at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival in late July.

“Her friends are concerned for her,” confided a pal. “Malia has a problem and it’s not going to go away without some professional help. Getting the President’s daughter into some sort of rehab or educational program is critical and definitely would not be an overreaction.”

I hope Obama’s daughters are party girls. They’re always a fun time. They will have a better life being a party girl than they will be as a miserable triggly-puff protesting liberal.

Let’s hope the girls go in the right direction.

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