A group of Satanists, recently arrested for murdering and eating two prostitutes in North Carolina, have a terrifying connection with Islam.

According to Shoebat, Pazuzu Algarad had not only a fascination with jihadists and the Muslim faith, but he went to great lengths to show them support, as well as had an extensive knowledge of the Arabic language.


Yesterday, we reported that police had released video from inside Algarad’s home, which he shared with his mother and girlfriend. After seeing the same video and noticing an abundance of Arabic writing inside the home, Shoebat started digging deeper into Algarad’s interests and what ties he had to the Muslim faith, and the parallels he discovered are terrifying.

Algarad was arrested in October after police found the remains of two people in shallow graves in the backyard of his North Carolina home. As details emerged from the case, we discovered that prior to burning their bodies and burying them, Algarad had eaten portions of their flesh.Satanist Who Killed And Ate 2 Prostitutes Has A TERRIFYING Connection To Islam

The video from Shoebat points out that Algarad followed quite a few radicals in the Middle East on social media, even commenting on their profiles in Arabic in support of their anti-Christian crusade. He also appeared in several photographs dressed in traditional Islamic turbans — more specifically a green turban that represents the Shiite Muslims or those who have formed the Islamic State terror group.

After seeing the video that Shoebat produced detailing Algarad’s obsession with jihadism and Islam, there’s little question that he shared a common goal with the radical Islamists — wipe the Christian faith off the planet. As Shoebat notes, this detail has been overlooked by the media, which refuses to acknowledge just how dangerous both groups can be.

Check out the unsettling video below, then let us know what you think:

-Courtesy of Mad World News

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