Saudi King Tells Trump To Touch Glowing Orb In Saudi Arabia And Now We Know Insane Reason Why

The lives of the rich and famous are always going to be a bit of a mystery to most of us. In the case of President Trump, he happens to be both the President and rich and famous (which is not only cool but makes the liberals mad, so bonus points for him). This means that he gets to go overseas and not only advocate for us, but also have some pretty amazing experiences in the process. We can only live vicariously, and smile that it’s someone who’s got our back brokering deals, instead of the crazy lady who had a knife poised to bury in our backs (aka Hillary and crew).

One of those amazing experiences was being welcomed into the middle east with the respect that the world used to give to the United States, and thankfully seems to be again. Not only did they welcome the President and First Lady, but they gave them some pretty high honor, beginning with the Saudi leaders shaking the First Lady’s hand. The first couple’s visit was a success in more ways than one, and the diplomatic ramifications are even more than what most of us hoped for.

There was one even that caused some speculation, by everyone, as to what could possibly be happening. The entire world seemed mystified as to what was happening in the picture, and it for sure garnered a lot of crazy guesses.

Via Young Cons:

“This picture taken in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia of President Donald Trump, King Salman and Egypt’s President Fatah al Sisi all placing their hands on a glowing orb quickly went viral.

What the heck was that orb and what were they doing?

Were they conjuring up a little witchcraft?

Summoning the spirits?

Playing with a disco ball?

Powerball drawing?

Nobody was really sure. It was a perfect ‘Caption This’ contest. So start guessing here, keep reading and further down we’ll tell you the answer.

The answer?

President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman inaugurated a new state-of-the-art center in Riyadh to monitor extremism and combat terrorism.

Holding the orb which was actually a globe, triggered all the lights going on in the command center.

Now, of course, Saudi Arabia has itself been supportive of terrorism. But they have been concerned about ISIS and threats that they themselves face from Islamists who view them as ‘not Islamic enough’ and wish to overthrow them.

So a great step in the right direction and an additional avenue with which to fight ISIS.”

That has got to be some kind of let down for the lefties. You know they were looking to pin some kind of old world human sacrifice ritual on President Trump. Or better yet, just a lack of concern for energy saving practices. I’m sure that one’s coming, considering that he flew there on Air Force One, and I’m sure he didn’t say enough “hail the environment” on his way there. If I were the Trump’s though, I think this would a picture to put in the family museum (you know they’ve got one somewhere) and remember for a long time to come.

President Trump went to a famously unfriendly Middle Eastern country, on his own terms and was able to broker some kind of improved relationship with the leaders. Their combined efforts to work on countering terrorism is something that has the potential to put a huge dent in the loss of life worldwide due to radical terrorists. While it’s something that is in the Saudi people’s back yard, and while they do ascribe to the Islamic faith, anyone who is willing to help stop the killing is someone that we should reach out and try to touch a glowing orb with. That’s what’s called doing what it takes.

Better luck next time liberals. I’m sure if you look hard enough you can still pin something on him from this trip. Maybe you can say that he shouldn’t have been working on fighting terrorism because terrorists have rights too. That’s probably next on their list of things to fight for, the right to kill anybody you want to. I’d like to say that it’s a joke, but I’m not sure that it’s outside the realm of possibility.

(Source: Young Cons)

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