Saudi Millionaire Cleared of Rape Charge Because He ‘Accidentally Fell’ on Victim


A Saudi Arabian man was cleared of rape charges when his defense was that he accidentally fell on top of her. Michaela Whitton of Anonymous gave a perfectly witty description of what this animals defense was,

Picture the scene: It’s the middle of the night and a man gets up to switch off the TV and get a glass of water. An 18-year-old girl is sleeping on his sofa so he offers her a t-shirt to wear. Coincidentally, his penis happens to be sticking out of the top of his pants when he trips, falls and accidentally penetrates her. Nah — not having it? Too far fetched?”

This ridiculous nonsense story was believed by the British courts which ended up allowing a Saudi Arabiam property developer to get off Scott free of rape charges. His name is Ehsan Abdulaziz and he is forty six years old.

He was accused of deliberately forcing himself on the woman in question who had benergy sleeping on his own sofa in his London apartmeant after a party night of late night drinking. He’d had sex with the victims twenty four year old friend. But apparently that was not enough and he needed more.

Abdulaziz allegedly told the police that the victim would “have to prove it.” In his own defense he claimed the woman was responsible for causing him to fall. The suspect was later asked why his DNA was found in the woman’s vaginal swabs. However, his ludicrous excuse was that he had accidentally fallen on her. Of course, she was trying to seduce him.

He said,

I’m fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened.”

Absulaziz also claimed that semen likely got on his hands after the first sexual encounter he had with her friend. Perhaps he should find and think of more believable lies. Regardless, it’s physically impossible for a man to accidentally penetrate a woman. He was eventually cleared in a Southwark Crown court on one charge of rape.

Judge Martin Griffiths gave permission for 20 minutes of the suspects evidence to be heard in private which is an incredibly rare occurrence. Meaning the judge only had half a hour to deliberately one would think this is a good thing and a guilty verdict would result.

Money can’t buy you class but apparently it can buy you you’re freedom even if you’re a bonifide rapist.