Saudi Prince BEGS America To Reject Donald Trump… We Just Found Out WHY


What are they so afraid of?

Is it that Donald Trump has promised to “blow the lid” off secret documents reportedly prove that the Saudi government helped plan the 9/11 Attacks? Barack Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan have worked together to block the release of those documents. Trump will release them.

And according to one report, that’s exactly what terrifies them.

From the Daily Mail:

A Saudi prince has urged Americans not to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming general election.

Turki al-Faisal, who served as Saudia Arabia’s ambassador to the US from 2005 to 2007, spoke against the presumptive Republican nominee during a foreign policy dinner in Washington, DC on Thursday.

He blasted Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, which the billionaire first formulated in December last year before renewing his vow on Wednesday.

‘For the life of me, I cannot believe that a country like the United States can afford to have someone as president who simply says, “These people are not going to be allowed to come to the United States,”’ Turki said according to the Huffington Post.

‘It’s up to you, it’s not up to me,’ Turki added. ‘I just hope you, as American citizens, will make the right choice in November.’

Turki, who went to Georgetown University in Washington, DC with Bill Clinton — which whom he remains close friends — serves as the chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, a cultural organization that conducts research in politics, sociology and heritage, and is a close adviser of the Saudi King.

So he is BFF with Bill and Hillary too, eh? In addition to the tens of millions Arab oil shieks have donated to the Clinton Global Initiative (a downpayment on Clinton obedience?), do you really think they would reveal a damn thing about Saudi involvement in terrorism? Not on your life.

But Donald Trump would, and perhaps that’s a chance they just can’t take.

Via Top Right News

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